Jorge Donn


Jorge Raul Itovich Donn was born on 25th February 1947 in Buenos Aires. He began to dance when he was 4 or 5 years old, then studied at the Colon Theatre school. His teacher was María Fux.

In 1963, he arrived to Brussels to work in the Maurice Béjart company and soon became its principal dancer. In 1979, he performed for the first time Boléro, ballet that was created for a woman. His interpretation of Boléro in Claude Lelouch's film Les uns et les autres (aka Boléro) is unforgettable.

Many Béjart's works were created expressly for him: Bhakti (1968), Nijinsky, clown of God (1971), Golestan, or The garden of roses (1973), Ce que l'amour me dit (1974), Notre Faust (1975), Léda (1978), Adagietto (1981) and others.

Since 1976, Jorge Donn was artistic director of the Ballet of the 20th Century. In 1988, he founded his own company, L'Europa Ballet, which existed for a short time.

In 1979, he won the prestigious Dance Magazine Award. In 1989, Jorge Donn was nominated by Konex foundation as one of the best dancers.

Jorge Donn died of AIDS on 30th November 1992 in Lausanne. Many choreographers created their ballets as tribute for him: Maurice Béjart (Ballet for Life), Denys Ganio (Tango... a rose for Jorge Donn), Carolyn Carlson (Homage for Jorge Donn), Grazia Galante (Masticando Sueños).